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1201 Summit Rd,

Martinsville, VA 24112

The Church was started in 1856 during the Antebellum Period under the leadership of Rev. Wash Waller.  Rev. Waller was a slave during this time.  He learned to read and write by his slave master’s son.  Rev. Waller would call to his siblings and the other slaves to sing and pray.  Rev. Waller would begin to read the bible to all those that gathered for service.  Rev. Waller continued services under the non- denominational umbrella.  Rev. Waller had white people as well as slaves in his congregation.  While there were many challenges for Rev. Waller and his members he continued to press through to the service of the Lord. 

In 1873 a church called Mountain Top AME church which was located on 10th street in Fieldale became interested in purchasing land in the valley of Fieldale.  Once they purchased the land in Fieldale, Mountain Top church was then named Meadowview AME church under the leadership of Rev. Waller.  The first Trustees were Mr. George Finney, W.M. Craighead, and G. W. Craighead. 

In 1995 Meadowview AME Church moved from Fieldale to the newly built church under the leadership of Rev. Henry R. Davis. Meadowview has continued service to the Lord with many itinerant Elders over the years.

Meadowview AME church has a very rich and deep history that is steeped in worshiping the true and living God.  Meadowview is a vibrant and energetic congregation that truly Loves the Lord.

Meadoview AME Church


Rev. Robin Hopkins

Pastor, Meadowview AME Church

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