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Second Episcopal District Leadership

The Real Church #4REAL Rising to the Challenge


Bishop James Levert Davis & Episcopal Supervisor Arelis Beevers Davis, Second Episcopal District Servant Leaders

Portsmouth Richmond Roanoke District Leadership


Presiding Elder Samuel E. Hayward, III & First Lady Reverend Althea J. Hayward


PRR District First Family 

2022 - 2023 District Organization Officers
& Special Appointments

First Lady & Executive Assistant to the Presiding Elder

The Reverend Althea J. Hayward ( 443-286-7721

District Secretaries

Sister Vivian Hall & The Reverend Gilbert Harper, Sr.

Chief of Protocol

The Reverend Willie Booth


The Reverend Billy Ray Hunter

Financial Secretary

The Reverend Dr. Oretha Cross

Information Technology & Administrative Staff 

The Reverend Kristina Hayward & The Reverend Douglas Bynum

Public Relations Committee 

Brother Dwight Elliott, Brother Anthony Sealy & The Reverend Beverly Edmonds

District Minister of Music 

Brother Christopher Wilson, Sister Mary Becker - Assistant Musician

Praise & Worship Team

The Reverend Amy Hodge Ziglar – Chair, The Reverend Otelia Osahon, & The Reverend Pamela Jones Watford

Evangelism Coordinators

The Reverend Charlotte Ritchie - Chair, The Reverend Dr. Michael McCray, 

The Reverend Percy Watford, & The Reverend Inetha Rogers

Women in Ministry Chair

The Reverend Robin Hopkins

Church School Administration 

Sister Denise Bennett - Church School Superintendent,

The Reverend Pamela Jones-Watford - Assistant Church School Superintendent

Co-Directors of Christian Education

 The Reverend Dr. Eugenia Bowser, & The Reverend Dr. Willie Beamon

Church Technology Resource Committee

The Reverend Althea Hayward, Sister Kesha Wilson, & The Reverend Douglas Bynum

Committee on Preachers to the Annual Conference

The Reverend Andrea Cornett Scott – Chair, The Reverend Gilbert Harper – Co-Chair,

The Reverend Bernard Holmes, The Reverend Dr. Alfred Vann, II & The Reverend Kimberly Young

Health & Family Initiatives

Dr. Carolyn Campbell - Chair, Dr. Keisha Perry - Co-Chair, Sister Sonja Boyd, & The Reverend Sabrena McCormick

Political & Social Action Initiatives

The Reverend Dr. Edward Scott – Chair, The Reverend Dr. Oretha Cross - Co Chair, The Reverend Reuben Boyd,

The Reverend Kevin Wilson, & The Reverend Derrell Wade

Committee on Resolutions 

The Reverend Matthew Shannon – Chair, The Reverend Vanessa Baldwin, The Reverend Phyllis Whichard, 

Sister Anna Hornsby & Brother Edward Warren

Youth & Young Adult Initiatives 

Brother Miguel Mendez - Chair, Dr. Felecia Commodore, Brother Jarohn Grandstaff, 

Sister Cristen Hunter, Brother Edgar Logan, & The Reverend Janine Watkins

PRRD Prayer Team 

The Reverend Charlotte Ritchie - Chair, The Reverend Jennifer Wharton, The Reverend Dr. Amy Hodge, 

The Reverend Pamela Jones-Watford, The Reverend Catreena Staples, Sister Gwendolyn Davis, 

Brother Dwight Elliott, The Reverend Barbara Gill

Ministry to Retired Clergy 

The Reverend Norman Vick - Coordinator & Sister Mary Vick

PRRD Christian Debutante & Masters 

Sister Dee'Jean Mendez - Dorectot

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