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1301 Elco Street

Chesapeake,VA 23324

Sunday Morning Worship: 10:00 A.M. 

After the civil war people began to migrate from one place to another, such was the case in the small town of Berkley, where a few of the citizens decided they would gather together for the purpose of prayer meetings. The first was in a place called Mount Zion in downtown Berkley, near the waterfront in a cart shed. After several meetings and gatherings, more people began to join. They started to outgrow the meeting place but since they could not agree on a set location a split was decided upon. This split caused several churches to be born. One of the churches that emerged from the split was Trinity A.M.E. in the year 1880.


Trinity was a beacon of hope in the Berkley community from 1880 until 1984. During this time a host of pastors served this church as well as the community. As times were changing in 1984, First Trinity under the leadership of Rev. L.R. Daughtry, began to look for a space for a new edifice. There were plenty of sleepless nights and plenty of doubt but thanks to praying times we are looking better. The congregation moved to a metropolitan funeral home in February of 1991. Rev. Daughtry found a piece of land on Elco Street and they purchased it for $45,000. In October of 1992 the construction began on the new edifice and was completed by March 1993. Today we stand on the shoulders of those pioneers who have gone before us at First Trinity A.M.E. and we thank God for them and their vision.

First Trinity AME Church 


Rev. Tony Boothe

Pastor, First Trinity AME Church 

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